Plunder and Lightning: The Battle, fixed media electronics [c. 10′].
Boulez is Dead: Schoenberg’s Revenge, fixed media electronics [c. 5’20”].


Amen (2015), fixed media electronics [c. 6’50”].
The Raven (2015), fixed media electronics and improvised solo violin with reverb loop pedal [c. 6’30”].


Cloister (2014), fixed media electronics [c. 4’40”].
Ithaka (2014), two violins [c. 9’40”].
Cassum (2014), fixed media electronics [c. 10′].
9:41:15 (2014), 12 percussionists, pedal harp, piano, violin I, violin II, violin III, violin IV [c. 5’45”].
Lux a Tenebris (2014), soprano ocarina in C, timpani, SATB choir, string orchestra [c. 6′].
“Overwhelming” “Devastation” (2014), piano, four violins [c. 2’25”].
Untitled (2014), piano, two violins [c. 5’40”].


R.E.M Nightmare (2013), two pianos, violin I, violin II, cello, double bass [c. 5’50”].
Unrequited II (2013), timpani, two pianos, two samplers, violin I, violin II, cello, double bass [c. 4’30”].
Solari (2013), timpani I-II, pedal harp, piano, two solo violins, string orchestra [c. 7′].
Vitruvian (2013), french horn in F I-II, trumpet in Bb I-II, bass trombone I-II, pedal harp, violin I-IV, viola I-IV, cello I-IV, double bass I-IV [c. 7′].


Unrequited I (2011), string orchestra [c. 5′].

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